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Mereka membuatqu merasa aneh. Seperti ada batasan antara aq dan mereka. Saat mereka berbincang satu sama lain dgn canda terkadang aq berharap aq bisa ikut dlm berbincangan itu. Aq mohon, aq hanya lah seorang yang biasa, tolong jangan pandang profil keluargaqu. Aq juga ingin menjadi teman kalian walaupun aq tidak memiliki ilmu pengtehuan yang luas terutama ilmu pertambangan. I am just an ordinary human…who need a friend besides me. I realy need friends. “When the flowers growing to be beauty in that time i can feel so peace…when the friends make u crying in that time i always need U beside me… Aamiin.


Ya Allah, i might a momy girl. I might not a cleaver girl. But in ma life i will always try to be better… its only if U give me permit, Aamiin. I cant love someone more than i love U. But i think i need someone who can to be my man, a father for my children, someone who can tread me to be better than i am now… and someone can take me to Jannah….aamiin Allahuma Aamiin.


I had a dream last nite and he was came to my dream i dont know that was a beautiful dreamed or not. But its so clearly…he holding ma hand on that dream it just look likes i am his girlfriend… masyaallah… ohh my gosh!!! I cant write the other things we did on that dream that was so embraced… Ohh Ya Rab if he is will be ma man please make it easy for me to have a relationship with him…even in marriage Aamiin…


Astagfirullah…i have a bad feeling. I dunno why, these things always come to me when i am feeling tired. Thats why i have use medicines. Ohh sometimes i am feeling like poor am i… but i shouldn’t have to. Coz there will always a gud thing behind bad thing. Ya Sobbur…please make me stronger than i can…aamiin…


Alhamdulillah thankful to Allah SWT. i am still can enjoying these fresh air… and i woke up early today…try to run for the the bus. Today there so many beautiful things can makes me smile. Fist when i saw a cat at the pesantren. And second i saw a lil girl trying to get close with a cat, thrid i saw a bird fly close to the window’s of the bus, a lil sparrow bird. Those three things that makes me smile this mornin…Alhamdulillah.


Sunday half morning…lol
I just woke up from slept after pray subuh… I found my ring finger pain and swelling. But i have a gud news…i heard my mom wanna make mpek-mpek today…alhamdulillah. Auch this finger really pain… hope will better soon aamiin.

041214-III 16:5

A saw him…and it just like an accident… astagfirullah… i am remembering what ogwe said “there are no accident”. Sudah diatur sama Allah SWT… astagfirullah tapi sepontan saat liat dia i am runing away, just like try to hiding from him. Ohh Allah i am so shy »_


Astagfirullah…otoke neng goya! I need the answer Allah…please…i just dont wanna something i have ever felt will happen again. Please…make it easy… i want to know. Astagfirullah mi an hae yo Allah ≧﹏≦


When i take a deep breath and i see the sky i am so wondering. Alhamdulillah, today Allah SWT still lemme to be me and absolutely i have to be a gud person than b4. *^▁^* and i am so wondering when people say “i like ur smile” #^_^# And btw today is Saturday but i am still workin at the office… not a problem at all. I was thought that when i dont have a job it maybe will makes me confuse. I love when i am home but sometime it will make me bored. Wanna hang out with ma friend…But they are busy with they’re activities… never stop say Alhamdulillah with all things that U gave to me… Thank you Allah…

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